The Scovells

Thomas and Emily Scovell (nee Goulden)

Three decades of combined experience in media and creative for a diverse range of global brands as agency strategists. Now coupling it all together through a range of mentorships & investments in technology startups and content initiatives.

Available for speaking opportunities and media enquiries about our areas of expertise.

Interest areas: #diversity #collaboration #creativity #metaverse #AI #defi #memetics #culture #martech

Fresh ideas welcome, contact us.

Investment criteria:

In a world where algorithms divide and conquer, corporations and creators duel it out for our attention, platforms are all pervasive, memes are the message and the medium, and where tools enable the capable and disable the disadvantaged…we continually ask, how do we ensure everyone has an opportunity to create and contribute? We seek to mentor and invest in technology startups and brands that can play a key role in caring for culture by not simply balancing profit and purpose, but maximising both.

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